French Press Coffee Gift box
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A gift box containing two french press filter coffees from different origins, perfectly suited for the French Press with corresponding recipes to make you the professional brewer at home.


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In this French Press gift box you will find two filter coffees from different origins with recipes carefully created from one of our roasters/ baristas; Bara.
Bara is a well regarded and highly knowledgable coffee expert. She has earned her knowledge through her many years of experience as a roaster and barista working all over the world. Her passion for coffee is contagious and we are happy to share her expertise with you though this French Press Box.

Bara matched the receipts exactly to the two different filter coffees.This makes it easy to prepare professionally at home.

The box contains:

COSTA RICA - Elle Nueve, whole bean 250g
A particularly sweet filter roast. Enjoy the aromas of exotic fruits, dark grapes, sweet melon with a chocolate finish.

ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe Kochere, whole bean 250g
A balanced filter coffee, with the fruity sweetness of peach and orange and nuances of jasmine and caramel.

The coffees are both freshly roasted at our Roastery in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Upon request, the coffees can be pre-ground after your order with the optimum grinding degree for the French Press.
The recipes were developed by our roaster Bara to showcase their different flavour profiles with the preparation of the French Press.
(The box contains no french press)

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